Ramsey Run-Off Switch, Model No. ROS-2E-3

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For Protection of Belt Conveyors and Personnel

• Universal mounting design for top or bottom of conveyor stringers.

• Rugged cast aluminum enclosure with standard NEMA-4 clear iridite finish or optional two part baked urethane enamel finish for salty, alkaline or acidic atmospheres. Also, electroless nickel optional finish for extremely corrosive environments.

• Full cover plate permits easy access to terminals, switches and adjustments.

• Cover plate can be removed without detaching actuator roller.

• Stocked by local distributors for immediate delivery.

• Roller bearings of actuator roller are rated to 5000 R.P.M. for belt speeds to 1250 F.P.M.

• Normal angle of actuator roller adjustable by 22.5° increments for angling towards the troughed belt and away from covers and structure.

• Standard unit includes alarm contacts at 10° from normal and shut down at 20° from normal.



• Conventional belt conveyors

• Underground, cable supported belt conveyors

• Stacker/reclaimer conveyors

• Ship loading/unloading systems

• Tripper and shuttle conveyors

• Crane/shovel boom position limit detector

• Apron feeders & conveyors

• Heavy duty limit switch


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